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The health care model that supports primary contact with a doctor is Primary Care.

The primary care doctor’s task is to help the patient improve his overall health. This help can be provided by both a nurse and an auxiliary health worker.

The primary health care doctor should provide the following services, which are routine examinations that can be physical and checking of psychophysical abilities, then treatment of some minor illnesses such as minor sore throats or something similar. A preventive care physician can prescribe medications that are necessary to cure the disease he is treating. His task is both to manage chronic diseases and to keep the patient’s condition in order. Also, he can manage acute health conditions.

Primary Care

Primary care physicians are trained specialists in the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions.

There are several types of primary care physicians. One of them is a family doctor. This doctor can treat the whole family when it comes to primary diseases. He will help the whole family with minor illnesses or with chronic illnesses that he will keep under control. With these doctors, they can schedule appointments for the whole family in one day, so they are very convenient for busy people who don’t have much time. A family doctor can care for the whole family, whether it is a baby, child, adult or elderly person. He is familiar with the history of family diseases, so he will know best how to treat a family member. He will know exactly what is best for him and what medicines can help him.

If you need a doctor to take care of all members of your family, one click to Primary Care is enough. You will receive all the care you need for primary diseases from your family doctor.