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Copper busbars are elements that connect different elements of one System. They are used in the electrical industry in high-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear, which is why they are called switchgear. You can find all types of copper busbars at Copper Busbars.

Depending on where the busbars should be placed, their appearance also depends. Rigid busbars are always used for generators and transformers. For high-voltage lines, copper busbars must be used because they have the ability to bend. If the space where the copper busbar is to be placed is small, the busbars can be placed in the form of rigid pipes.

Copper Busbars

Busbars are made of copper because copper has good mechanical, temperature and above all electrical properties. Since busbars are installed in energy and distribution facilities, they must have all these properties. In these facilities, high mechanical stresses are exerted on the busbars, during which they heat up a lot. Therefore, the material from which they are made must withstand all that, why copper is ideal. Every plant must work flawlessly, in order to avoid any failure, which is made possible by copper busbars.

There are also busbars that are installed outside the plant, so they suffer additional loads, such as snow and ice during the winter. Therefore, the cross-sectional area of ​​the bus must be ideally calculated in order to avoid possible damage and failure.

Each bus must be insulated, so they can be insulated in support insulators, then conductive insulators and hanging insulators. They can also be insulated with some insulating material. In any case, the busbars must be protected from contact.

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